Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the kids aren't fine

I guess I jinxed myself with my ending lines next week. The kids have all been sick starting last Tuesday night with Colt, then the girl, now Canyon, it's terrible. No school, no church, nowhere. Ugh. Last night I started yelling at everyone for who knows why and then felt horrible. So my sweet hubs came in our room (of course, where I had run away to) And told me I've been pent up to long with the kids, I needed to leave and he wasn't waiting up. I love him. I went to costco and since it is next to a mall.....  I even found a really cute peacoat for 10 bucks at pennys. rad. had fun, all by myself and didn't bankrupt us in the process. Now I'm looking forward to visitors and getaways, and my kids being healthy!!! still chocolate free!!! And I found a chiropractor with magic back manipulating skills!! One visit and my out of whack neck is loving him. yeah!!
Oh and I found out my brother is dating one of my old girlfriends of yesteryear, sorry to all my friends whose brothers I dated. I actually don't mind, surprised at first but, she's a fun girl.
Colter is a monster (even when he's sick). I can't count the times I have found him sitting on the counter and dumping out sprinkles, salt, or other various foods and seasonings that make huge messes. And he took half the keys off my laptop keyboard. It's annoying. He has found out where "time out" is. He's just too cute though, hasn't been there near enouigh.
We also had tornadoes sunday night. The sirens went on, the twisters luckily didn't touch down in our city though. All is ok here, we are surviving.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

no more chocolate again

I"m going to be chocolate free again. I had two migraines last week. That's not regular for me. It was terrible. I think I'll have to be soda free too. That is harder for me. But after a week of terrible headaches and couple be quiet and turn out the lights ones, something had to give. I went walking/jogging last night and I felt so much better. Exercise really is good for you, go figure. I'll be getting in a repeat of that tonight. Sorry, all I have to talk about is my health and the weather. It's been nice. Life hasn't been exciting. The kids are fine. Have a nice day.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy it's over

I'm glad V-day is over. Some years, I'm into it. Some not. So much pressure on one little day. Yeah, it's nice to get surprised with some romantic little treat, but isn't that nice any day of the year?  And the kids had so much candy yesterday I almost feel sick for them. I found wrappers everywhere this morning, not all empty mind you. I found chocolate kisses melted under Sher's pillow. Nice. I guess she forgot she was hiding them from me. Anyway, we are looking forward to March. We have G-ma and G-pa coming and they are watching our kids while Chris and I get away for the weekend (Best kind of house guest you can have right?)  We are going to a different state. To a resort, on the Hospital's tab!  woohoooooo!  Chris has a conference and asked if I really wanted to just hang out by myself during the day. I thought it was rhetorical at first. So when he asked again I had to answer with my own Q  & A.  Are there going to be kids tearing up the room and asking me every five minutes for something? No, I think I'll be great!!!! I'm so excited.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We have gotten so much snow this year. Just like I said previously. But here are the caves and forts that the boys built They made the bricks with a tupperware bin mold.
I was ignoring Sheridan the other day as I tried to get something done and I heard, "MOM I'm running away". My reply; "ok hon, where are you going"? A few minutes later she said "this is my new house". So I went to find where she was now living. I helped her decorate with flowers and she ate her lunch there. She moved back in when I let her watch cartoons.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i think i'm back

 Well I'm trying to come back. One wrong button and my whole post was deleted, and of course before I could hit control z, it auto saved. argh. I usually like it but this has happened before, just not usually after I'm done typing and trying to add my craptastic photography. Lame. Well i'm not typing the whole thing over again. We are iced, sleeted, and snowed in right now. Yes, we've been having all of it. Sleet coming down sounds like rice krispies, in case you were wondering. We had very busy holidays just like everyone else and while I like the snow. I'm sick of snow days that my kid has to make up during the spring cycle break. They don't make them up for preschool, which I wouldn't mind, because I pay for that. whine, whine, whine. I know. But we have had a lot of fun in the snow. There have been snow balls, snow angels, snow men, snow caves, snow sledding, and even snow fortresses made of what else but snow bricks. We've enjoyed it.  I hope you all are have a wonderful new year so far and making the most of it. I'm trying to be more organized .Not really a resolution to say, just something I decided I need, to help fight off some of the chaos and crazy which is life. Well label maker here I come!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

summer is over

Ok, well summer ended in the middle of July for us. So it's been over for a while. The boy is on year round school schedule. We have had quite the time since my last horribly depressing post. June ended and not to soon. that month was awful but in came July. Chris had a very easy schedule and we got to go to the perfect place. Yellowstone. We found the kids namesakes and after we got home found out more about their names. John Colter was the first mountain man and first white guy to find Yellowstone. For a while it was referred to as "Colter's Hell". Philip Sheridan was an army general that had shady war tactics, but was one of the leaders in preserving out favorite place but his wife Irene Rucker (my maiden name, I can't find the relation) loved him. Then there is the grand Canyon of Yellowstone. 
Since then we've tried to recuperate from our vacation.  We were canning tomatoes from our garden all July and August. Thankfully that has slowed down a bit. Our garden has been great though.  I mean 6 foot tomato trees people. We have an abundance. And we are grateful.
I've been trying to fight my depression more than ever it seems. Even with it being easier around here, I'm still down. I'm not exactly sure why. I've been back on chocolate again, maybe that's why.
Oh and we've had some birthdays. Colt turned one. He's so big and he got his first haircut. Canyon is 6 now and is loving first grade. I just hit the big 2-8. I got a cricut and I'm so excited to use it. Sher took the scissors into her own hands, but it worked out because now she has a cute a-line bob. I've been trying to get some craft on so you can check my other blog soon. Crafting pulls me out of my crap-tastic-ness.  I think the cricut will be great for me.
Well I don't really want to write a novel, I'll leave that to the professionals. I just thought y'all should know I haven't been committed and things are better than they were two months ago. mostly.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


i feel like i've been struggling lately. it's been over a month since i've posted. we had some really good time with my parents who came for a week. It was wonderful. we had loads of fun and the kids and i all basked in the glory of their attention. once they left it kind of sucked.
the doctor has been working non-stop. it's taking it's toll on us all. including him. it's been rough. his transition month from lowly intern resident to a second year has been very taxing on us both. the hours are ridiculous. he's doing triple the work that he did in the same rotation a year ago. and working every weekend. I want you all to understand that chris gets paid salary for a 40 hour work week. this month has been full of 84+ hour work weeks. no overtime, so we get nothing extra for his work. a typical week is 60+. that i can live with. that means i have the same work week with three kids by myself. it's rough. i know, some people might judge and say i chose this lifestyle for myself. i know my kids are a blessing, not a hindrance. i'm doing much better at recognizing that. but i'm telling you, this sucks. i feel weighed down and like i am barely scraping by. i'm trying to stay busy outside the house so 1. i don't have to deal with the house and 2. i don't have to think about how lonely (and disastrous) it is here. I feel sorry for chris that he has to come home to either his zombie bride or the psycho mom most days. I know it will pass. i mean this month is almost over.
two birthday's are coming within days for my boys. i want so much to be happy and celebrate. but i'm having a hard time finding the gusto to even think of, let alone decorate, a cake. something i love to do.
this is depressing. i know. i'm depressed. i needed to vent. i feel an ounce better. maybe.