Sunday, April 27, 2008

Go Braves!

Chris and I got to go to a Braves game (well technically it was a rockies game) and it was super fun. It was an awesome and yummy date because ballpark food rocks! It was also freezing! Sadly the Braves lost but it was all still worth it.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

soccer mom

We put Canyon in soccer this spring to get out some energy and it is so fun to watch! He is quite competitive we've found. It took a while for the concept that the kids in the same color shirt are on his side. And he had a fist fight during his first game. But he is the youngest kid (though tallest) on his team, so what can you expect? And then there is me and Sheridan, his adoring fans! Of course daddy was there too.

lets try this again

Ok so I started out really bad with the whole blog thing, I guess I'll give it another go. the problem is I have no idea what I'm doing! I can't make my page cute and I don't know how to find my friends. this sucks. Myspace is way easier to figure out! Anyway, we are moving to AZ at the end of May. It's going to be so hot, I know. I haven't been there in the summer for like 6 years folks! I'm just remembering how the car feels when you open the door and your mascara melts and I keep thinking - man I wish I didn't have leather seats in the car, ouch. But I can't wait to be close to my family and old friends, I hope they remember me!