Wednesday, April 21, 2010

it's been.... around here.

Colter won't sleep. I take him in for his 9 month check up this morning and he has a double ear infection. He had his first two teeth come in this week and you can see all the swollen gums on top. And allergies have taken over us all. Poor poor colter.

Allergies aside, how can we stay indoors. It is perfect outside! Chris scored a couple days off in a row this weekend and school, rain, allergies, you can come but you are not stopping us from camping. Also, I painted our chandalier, made Sher a dress and started painting our birdhouse outside in the yard, and weeded, and planted flowers. (which all the rabitts have eaten, but it was nice to plant them) Yes I've been busy, don't ask about the laundry. {we all have clean undies!}

so it's been a mix of things around here. I'll update my other blog with my projects later, now i have to go to therapy and learn how do deal with the miserable parts.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

busy busy busy and now you want food?

OK so the kids are whining the kitchen is cluttered and laundry is in the machine (or piled high). As if you don't have enough to do, now it's dinner time. OR you've been working or have been out and about all day, you are exhausted and are feeling kinda whiny yourself and need to eat something. Soon.
I know one of these sounds familiar, at least some of the time! I want your fastest recipes (anyone and everyone who reads this will benefit so don't be shy)! Ok I love the crockpot plan ahead recipes, the pull out the meat the day before recipes, ( i will want those too in time) but right now I want your, dinner's in 20 or 30,  I forgot to plan ahead recipes. I will share my favorite but I want yours too.
Ok I like to make wraps in a hurry.
Flour tortillas
bacon (cook it- you can even nuke it)
sandwich meat, or leftover chicken
lettuce (we have switched to cabbage recently)
any other veggies on hand
bbq sauce

mix some ranch and bbq together to make a new sauce. spread a bit on tortilla then layer up your goods and roll like a burro, leaving one end open.
See I told you it was fast!! Now most of you may have already thought of this but I had to share something, so now need your fastest ideas. Oh and one disclaimer, Chris hates breakfast for dinner (I know), otherwise I would have listed french toast or something. But biscuits and gravy has somehow been acceptable and come up as a quick fix before.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

blog frog? what is it?

ok, i just joined blog frog as part of the spring fling going on and i don't really know what it is, i mean i already have new followers (awesome and thanks)  but can someone tell me what i'm supposed to do and what the point is?
oh and i updated lacycakes with more new projects. check sidebar for link.

now for important stuff. colter is getting a tooth! he is also starting to lose some of the chubkins-ness. NO! I want him to be my fat baby forever. he just wants to be one of the big kids though.  and the big kids are busy, easter was fun! the bunny hopped through our very own back yard for the first time, and what a beautiful spring filled backyard we have. It's fun!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

yeah me

ok no i don't have any pictures but i'm so excited. I changed a light fixture all by myself today! I went and bought it, brought it home then replaced an old light, just me.  (ok the kids handed me the wire caps ) yeah for me! So now my bathroom has a new vanity light. hooray! and our room has a new ceiling fan. chris went into the nasty fiberglass fluff filled attic and hardwired our room for  lights. so i now have two wonderful new light fixtures in my room and got rid of the one crap floor lamp that had seen better years. It is too wonderful not to share, ok and i wanted to brag a little too.