Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i love abba

So I got to go see Mama Mia with my sis in law heather, my friend Jaymie and her sis and the movie was so fun! I never knew I was such a an ABBA fan but I am newly devoted. It was so cute and funny. If you are a fan of musicals I recommend it. Meryl Streep was Awesome, Pierce Brosnan tried, and Amanda Seyfried (the other main chic, from mean girls)was amazing. Go see it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

saguaro lake

Uncle Terry took us to the lake with him and two of his girls; Christie and Amanda. We had a great time and got to try all the fun things we used to do when we were teenagers. We all rode the tube, even Sheridan. I haven't gone wake boarding for 7 years, and I got up on the first try. It was like riding a bike I guess, though it's been way longer than 7 years since I've done that. Christie got up for her first time too. She was a natural; she started trying to jump her first time up. We had to force Canyon on to the tube at first but right after we started going he was giving the thumbs up to go faster. Sheridan was just loving everybody and was jumping off the boat all by herself while we were stopped for swimming, and Chris got to try out knee boarding. Now us old ones are so sore but it was so much fun and totally worth it. Thanks Uncle Terry!

take me out to the ballgame....

I bought Chris some braves tickets for fathers day and we finally got to use them! Friday night was totally great, the Braves won and then we got to watch fireworks and it was a super fun night. Chris decided to take Canyon to the Saturday game and the boys had a blast eating peanuts and diamondback dogs. They gave out shirts that night and Canyon was so excited about that. I'm so glad he has his daddy for his best friend.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I saw this on my friend Jaymie's page and thought it would be so fun!
1. Leave a comment on my blog of a favorite memory of you and I together. Whether we know each other a little or a lot, just anything you remember.

2. Then, do this same post on your blog and see the fun memories that people leave about you. If you leave a memory on my comments, I will go back to your blog and write a memory about you. Fun stuff!