Thursday, February 25, 2010

so yesterday sucked.

I don't really want to go into the details of sheridan cutting up colters s.s. card that I just got in the mail because the first one never came. Or little miss being told to stop doing something more than once and then getting hurt, all day long. Or how I finally ended up yelling at her while she was crying because I had told her to stop. Or about how Colter wants to eat all day long! Or about how a root canal is more pleasurable than arguing with Canyon just to get him to read the next two pages of his book. (my kids can't ask me for anything during a root canal). I love my kids but my insides look like this sometimes. Not always, not even most of the time, but most of yesterday. Oh and the only chocolate I had was when my absent minded brain cut out and I thought I can't order a chocolate shake so I'll get a butterfinger one. My brain is chemically engineered to crave chocolate. I mean I get it without even realizing it. Other wise since my last post I am definitely 95% chocolate free.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

kicking depressions arse!

I'm trying to beat my depression with diet and excersize. I need your support! I can't do this alone and I fugure if I have someone to answer to, my few followers, it will give me more encouragement. I'm starting with excersize and cutting at least 95% of my chocolate (100% would be like murder). I started with slow-robics. I'm sore. And now I need to remove chocolate. This is going to be the hardest part. I will slowly be removing other unhealthy things from my diet, like ton's of sugar, ton's of goods baked with white flour, and I've already cut caffienated soda. How do I cut chocolate?  I survive on it, I turn to it when I'm stressed or just craving something yummy, I've eaten more bags of chocolate chips than I've baked with (ok maybe not that extreme). Help me out, wish me luck, send me some sweet carrot and whole grain wishes. And hold me accountable!

Heaven! I mean why would this kid complain?

Monday, February 8, 2010 check it out, it's my new crafting sanctuary. I will display my work, others work (with their permission) and creative ideas. let the crafting begin

Sunday, February 7, 2010

who needs an electrician...

when you've got a doctor in the house. Chris hardwired and installed a new over the range microwave, in our house recently. He then was so proud of his work he decided to hard wire the kids rooms and install light fixtures, because our house was built in the 80's when they could only figure out how to hook up switches to outlets. He did have a wonderful assistant who held up the hefty microwave and crawled into the dark fiberglass filled attic. (shudder) He has to find a new assitant to install a light in our room. It's much farther away from the attic opening. no thanks. I think we can call a real electrician for that. And here is a little happy boy updated pic. he is such a doll we just love him. Oh and I chopped off my long locks yesterday. i tried to take a picture but me and the camera have a love hate relationship - it loves to take gross pictures of me and i hate that. so just imagine me with a short steep a-line cut. It is the shortest I've ever cut it and the camera and I will work on our relationship so that i can get a picture to show you soon..