Tuesday, March 1, 2011

the kids aren't fine

I guess I jinxed myself with my ending lines next week. The kids have all been sick starting last Tuesday night with Colt, then the girl, now Canyon, it's terrible. No school, no church, nowhere. Ugh. Last night I started yelling at everyone for who knows why and then felt horrible. So my sweet hubs came in our room (of course, where I had run away to) And told me I've been pent up to long with the kids, I needed to leave and he wasn't waiting up. I love him. I went to costco and since it is next to a mall.....  I even found a really cute peacoat for 10 bucks at pennys. rad. had fun, all by myself and didn't bankrupt us in the process. Now I'm looking forward to visitors and getaways, and my kids being healthy!!! still chocolate free!!! And I found a chiropractor with magic back manipulating skills!! One visit and my out of whack neck is loving him. yeah!!
Oh and I found out my brother is dating one of my old girlfriends of yesteryear, sorry to all my friends whose brothers I dated. I actually don't mind, surprised at first but, she's a fun girl.
Colter is a monster (even when he's sick). I can't count the times I have found him sitting on the counter and dumping out sprinkles, salt, or other various foods and seasonings that make huge messes. And he took half the keys off my laptop keyboard. It's annoying. He has found out where "time out" is. He's just too cute though, hasn't been there near enouigh.
We also had tornadoes sunday night. The sirens went on, the twisters luckily didn't touch down in our city though. All is ok here, we are surviving.