Monday, October 12, 2009

the fam

My family in AZ last March. I love that only a few of us are actually paying attention.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i know what you need

ok seriously, if anyone gets in a slump, if you're feeling blue i have got a pick me up for you. it works for me every time. you go to and search flight of the conchords or here is a direct link. . you will love it and many of their other songs, like jenny or business time, or albi the racist dragon. some other people like charlie the unicorn which makes me laugh but also makes my iq drop. you'll feel better soon

p.s. or you can listen to my cousin sing, she is really good

Monday, October 5, 2009

who can deny

the adorableness of this baby boy. Ooh I love him. I tried to catch his smile and pudge and you get a little glimpse of both. He is 3 months now. He was 13 pounds at his two month check up, outweighing big brother at that age. What a bruiser.

some serious crafting!

ok, this is the last four months of me squeezing in craft time. I didn't realize how much i have done and wish i could do so much more!

This free primed shelf from a yard sale turned into a shelf fit for a princess with a little paint and help from some cute kids. I got the princess from the dollar store and spray painted it and added a little glitter. gotta have some glitz!

horrible pic of the cute wood boxes i decoupaged with scrap paper for shers room

Craft time with the kids, this was so much fun. I am a huge fan of craft foam! A little goes a long way. we also made dracula, caramel apples, ghosts, and candy corn from foam. Fun!

some paper crafting

a few before and after crafts. ugly tray had huge paper sunflower picture. now a lovely green with filigree stencil i made by printing an image, tracing it. and adding a little extra.

plaque was cute before but didn't match decor. so i painted it.

table was free and ugly yellow at a yard sale but with some paint stripper, black spray paint and new hardware it is wonderful.

go cards!

ok, last year we were saying that in AZ and now we are saying it in MO. Canyon got to have some daddy time!

princess sheridan

She is three! We celebrated by spoiling her rotten and eating chocolate cupcakes with fluffy pink icing.