Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a little time for fun

Well yes, I'm still alive and counting down the days until we move. But before that there is only 17 more work days. That is amazing. Chris and I have been very busy, both working as much as possible and trying to have a little fun on the side, while packing up the house. We usually forget our camera for all the fun things.
I'm 31 weeks now and growing more everyday and the constant rib pain has begun. Canyon thinks that my belly will "crack" like an egg for the baby to come and I haven't any notion to tell him different. Sheridan is talking all the time. I called Chris after work the other day and asked how his day was going, the first thing he said -Sheridan will not be quiet. Well if she is anything like her mother, she won't grow out if it. So we will just get used to it. Canyon is so big and the clothes we bought on clearance last summer for this summer of course don't fit him. Sheridan is totally potty trained!!! Life is hectic but it isn't too bad.
We had a lot of fun when Chris's Brother and Wife came to town. We miss the family a lot and it was fun to play. (And shop) We swam and roasted hot dogs in the desert and it was almost like getting a vacation for us, even though we worked. We were sad to see them go.
We were offered D-backs tickets the other night and after 2 feet of hot dogs, 1 pound of peanuts, another pound of red vines and one "take me out to the ball game" we called it a night. It was a lot of fun for us! Well that is a quick recap of all things pertaining to us.