Thursday, January 8, 2009

Well it's 2009...

and things are staring to change for us already! Chris and I have not had cash flow since our last loan disbursement in March (2008). We luckily had a bit in savings and have been living off that for a while. But we have both been feeling a lot of stress lately as the money is dwindling into nothing. Part of our stress was totaling the car but we got an upgrade for the same price as the totaled check. Score! Dad actually helped us out with that and we are extremely grateful because the check is the only thing left in our account. And I'm pregnant and you all know they aren't free. Well Chris got the part time tutor thing but that doesn't pay too much.

Now for some good news, (pregnant is good too, but it has added a little stress) I got a job and I will be the bread maker! literally and figuratively, ah punny. I am starting the 4 am shift as a baker in Scottsdale next week. My Dad laughed when I told him what time I'd be working, yes he knows me well enough that I didn't really know that 3am existed (the time i have to wake to get to work in time). Maybe I shouldn't be sharing our financial situation with everyone but I feel like I have just been under a grumpy fog lately and it seems that the weather is finally clearing a bit. Chris received his diploma in the mail yesterday, it actually declares him a Doctor of Medicine. Yippee Skippee. I am just overjoyed for him! Things are already looking better.

Although, Sheridan is sicker than a dog and actually got a breathing treatment tonight at the urgent care (which did absolutely nothing). And if you want a private room instead of sitting in the waiting room, just have your kid vomit everywhere, twice. They'll take you right back, even if you aren't registered yet! We finally got some drugs (three of them) into her and the poor sweet thing is actually sleeping instead of coughing tonight.

Canyon is good. The boy is so smart. I wasn't going to be one of those moms that thinks their kid is gifted (I'm satisfied with average kids, their great too!) but now I think Canyon is. Not really, I just don't know what average is, and I think he's above for an unschooled 4 year old. He reads, he can read! long vowels, short vowels, silent h's, consecutive consonants (i.e.; st, sm, pl , you might be surprised how tricky those are!) He is amazing!

I hope the year is fantabulous for you all! Oh and Chris could be posting blogs on a trial run or just occasionaly as he said this blog sucks. I know it does. Sometimes I try to be witty, but it doesn't come out that way; just lame. Oh and Chris and I are singing in church on Sunday. Should be interesting. I'll update you on how it went.