Saturday, May 31, 2008

hot mama!

We have made it to AZ! It is rather warm. I'm excited for this new part of our adventure and wonder what it will bring. It was so sad to leave Colorado but it is nice to be near my family and old friends. I've gotta send a fat thanks to all who helped move us, THANKS. And now almost all the boxes are unpacked and we have something that resembles a living space. Well, I have already been reminded of how hot the car is when you open the door, and how hot the seat belts and steering wheel are. Chris thought I was so weird when I moved to Utah and had a steering wheel cover, he'll learn. Sheridan is now out of the crib, and doing ok with it. Canyon has been swimming everyday since we got here, so he's happy. Chris is studying for the second part of step 2 of the USMLE. I'm finally crashing from my stress high, and am feeling rather tired. Oh and I can't wait for my Grandmas Sunday dinners! It's been way to long.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3rd tags a charm

I got Tagged By Tiffany

1. The total number of movies I own:
Maybe 100

2. The last movie I bought:
101 dalmations, for the kids

3. The last movie I saw:
Baby Mama, so funny

4. Five movies that mean something to me:

1. Love Actually, I just love how it all works out
2. Lonesome Dove, Whenever I need a really good cry, i can turn to that one
3. Paint your wagon, my dad always sang "i was born under a wanderin star" growing up
4. The man from snowy river, watched it a lot growing up
5. Can't hardly wait - takes me back to the old school

i tag jenn, talara, crystal and andrea

second tag

tag rules:
1. you link back to the person who tagged you.
2. post these rules on your blog.
3. share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5. let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.
6. enjoy the results.

Tiffany tagged me.

1. I can still do the splits
2. I have trichotillomania, not an extreme case
3. I loved living on moldy Saba
4. I have lived in 5 different states and another country
5. I love people watching
6. Open cupboards bother me

I tag Ashley, Cassie, Megyn, Talara, Skeeter, Heather

first tag

I got tagged three times in the last week, and they are all different so here i go.
Talara tagged me with this one.

What was the best thing you cooked last week?

broccoli cheese soup, yummy

If time, money and babysitting were no object where would you go and with who?
  • travel to british isles and or europe with chris
  • go to hawaii with chris
  • go to disneyland with mom and sisters (and of course i couldn't leave talara home)

When was the last time you cried?
  • when i was all by myself in Colorado last week, I got pretty pathetic

List 5 things you were doing 10 years ago.
  • I was a sophomore in high school.
  • I was completely boy crazy
  • I was trying desperately to fit in somewhere
  • I was sporting my first pair of doc martens
  • Looking fine in short shorts and tank tops

List 5 things you were doing 5 years ago.
  • Being a newlywed with no kids
  • Cake decorating at Sam's Club
  • Living in Utah
  • Getting to know my new sis in law, Jenn
  • driving a ford ranger
List 5 things you were doing 1 year ago.
  • Hanging out with Chris parents in Utah
  • Still trying to adjust to dry weather after the Caribbean
  • Breastfeeding a baby
  • looking forward to the summer
  • stressing over not knowing when or where our next move was

List 7 of your favorite hobbies.
  • Shopping
  • making cards
  • Reading
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sewing
  • traveling with chris
  • Camping

List your 5 favorite foods.
  • Steak
  • Fried chicken
  • Roast
  • potatoes, baked, mashed, roasted, funeral
  • cheesecake

List 5 places you have been.
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Yellowstone
  • Sequim, WA
  • Saba, N.A.
  • St. Thomas, V.I.

List your 5 favorite memories.
  • Dating Chris while living in Yellowstone
  • Having Canyon and Sheridan
  • Getting a cow for Christmas
  • Driving to Payson, AZ on a Sunday, getting donuts and playing at the park with the rocket
  • Many Thanksgivings
I now tag: Tiffany, Jaymie, Katie, Skeeter, Heather

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

empty cupboards

Well this week has been so much better. My Mom and Skeeter came out and we packed like crazy(thank you), and there isn't much filling up the house anymore. So now that the cupboards are bare, the kids play in them. It's a little bittersweet for me, but I'm glad we are getting some fun out of the emptiness. Hide and seek just got more interesting too. Chris is taking Step 2 of the usmle in CA right now but I get to see him in just a few more days in Utah, yeah!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

hell week

So, for real, mad props to single moms! I'm just single while Chris is doing a rotation in Utah right now, and I'm strugglin'. It hasn't really been a week from hell just a couple days but the week isn't over yet and it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Anyway, I've heard about kids frantically screaming in the dentist chair, but I've now experienced it first hand! It was a nightmare!!! I took canyon to the dentist last week, and he had a cavity on each side, so I had to take him back yesterday to have them filled, they eventually had to wrap him in the velcro blanket thing, switch dentists and i started crying on top of it all, yeah that's exactly what the nice dentists need, a crying mom who can't control her kid. It was so traumatic, and he has to go back and get the other side done, because they couldn't finish. He is going back with Chris, that's all there is to it. So today, Sheridan goes down for her nap and 1/2 hour later is crying, not typical, so i go in and she is covered in what else but poop. So gross. I don't remember signing up for this! Then we had soccer practice where I chase Sheridan around for a half hour, and I did my visiting teaching. I seriously cannot wait for my mom and big sis to come and help me pack this weekend, I'll probably cry when they leave. Also when they get here as relief pours over me, I won't be alone for two days!! I do love my kids, and I keep trying to remind myself the joy of motherhood comes in moments. But the dentisty, poopy moments are not in that category my friends.