Saturday, September 20, 2008

oh bla di, oh bla da

Nothing fun has happened in this Allphin house. I decided I would change my blog for the season, I do love Autumn, even though it doesn't really happen here in the valley of the sun. I'm now a Young Women's advisor, I really like it so far. I've been able to make some cards recently which I love doing.
Chris has to go to Utah for 4 weeks, because his last (that's right, very last!) rotation here fell through. So I could be going with him, it's still under review. He golfs once a week, usually with Canyon. I'm so glad he is Canyon's best friend.
All Canyon can talk about is star wars and which character he will be for Halloween. If any of you knew of his fascination with transformers, triple that for his star wars obsession. My brother Brice gave us his old PS2 console and the Star Wars Lego games, they are super fun, it is all the boy wants to do. Canyon has to do things (chores, eat all dinner, etc..) to earn time for video games, and he's already figured it out, he gets dressed, makes his bed, picks up his toys first thing in the morning, then comes to me to ask if he can play star wars. At the time I'm still not dressed and eating my cheerios. The boy is in in love!!!
Sheridan is potty training and it's going alright now. She will be 2 on Monday, I just can't believe it. She is still sass mcfrass. I'm excited for her birthday though, I still don't know what I'm going to do for her cake, it alternates between share-bear (carebear) and a starfish. I guess you'll see pics next week or so to find out. Hope all is well for everybody.

Monday, September 8, 2008

a saturday at the allphins

Every Saturday morning chris plays basketball at 7am. This saturday the kids woke us up before then and we all played and snuggled in bed. I stayed in bed a few extra minutes after everyone else got up until Canyon came to me and said "Mommy, Sheridan is in trouble" (this is his way of telling on Sheridan). Then as fast as Micheal Phelps beat the Serbian, I was running and saying "oh my gosh it smells like nail polish". Sheridan had dumped out three bottles of nail polish, and it was only 7:15! What a start to my day! I got 95% of it off my floor, burning lungs, and a very flammable headache from the polish remover fumes. Chris walked through the door, and shouted "who's playing with nail polish", our whole house reeked! Any ideas how to get the last 5% off my vynil flooring? Oh and believe me I'm thankful it wasn't on the carpet! Then we had to go to Costco, uneventful thankfully. I went to the eye doc in search of new glasses to replace the ones Sheridan mangled. Watched the last bit of the BYU game, way to block that kick! Then we went over to Uncle Terry's again for some swimming and food! What fun! Anna, Christie and Amanda (Terry and Lisa's girls) were there and my kids just love them! We even tried out the Kareoke/theatre room at the end of the night. He has a huge selection and I got to even try out my new found love of ABBA. So while my saturday started out insane, the house was finally aired out by saturday night, and it ended very well.


We have been camping a few times this summer and managed to stay dry and unstruck by lightning as we had thunderstorms every time. Our kids do so great with camping and love to get dirty. Canyon and Chris love to play Frisbee all the time, though in our house we call it Husby. That comes from Canyon mispronouncing frisbee and even making up a song about husbies, so we play with a husby, and play husby golf. Sheridan loves to play with, eat, and basically roll around in the dirt. The last time we went it was our big Rucker campout at Green's peak and there were quads to ride and skeet shooting competitions and all sorts of fun. Sheridan was so glad to have papa there (so was I) and the family had a blast. Oh and the food was amazing, way better than our lame ol hot dog on a stick camping, I'm talking full camp kitchen with marinated chicken and the best buttermilk pancakes I've ever had. (sorry dad, but you've got some more learning to do from aunt cheryl) I can't wait for next summer!

august birthdays

So I have a bit of catching up to do. First we started having family home evening with my family and it landed on Skeeters birthday, although she was in Vegas we had cupcakes and celebrated for her, we had to pressure wash the kids (Canyon, Dezirae, Simeon & Sheridan) afterwords, but we all love a good mess sometimes. For my birthday we went to the temple and later my dad took some of us (Scott, Heather, Buck -Heathers brother, quickly becoming part of the fam, Brice, Chris, Me and our kids) out for dinner. I chose Golden Corral. I love that place. I've always been a fan of the buffet and we had a great time. My mom brought me a cheesecake too, my fave, and it was a good day.