Saturday, August 15, 2009

how do you make it seem so easy?

I mean how do some of you moms blog so often? You are amazing! I have a friend who just moved and blogged while traveling! How? I can't even blog at home. Anyway, things have been getting back to what the new normal is, I guess? I mean everything is new. New house, new school, new baby, new job, new calling in church (enrichment leader). I'm even trying to make new foods. Chris was complaining that I have cooked the same food for 6 years. My argument - I COOK! Anyway, I am tired of my food too. My cousin has a cooking blog, you should try her creamy Italian chicken recipe. It is delicious! And it's a wonderful crock pot meal, I think those are the best. You should try some of her other recipes too, I also made pizza! Yum. The month so far:

The Papa's and Colter. They were here for the blessing. My mom was too but my camera seemed to be missing that whole weekend.While they were here we went to see the arch! It is just huge. And the kids pretended to like each other while we were there.

Canyon is playing T-ball this summer and while he is playing Sheridan rolls around in the dirt, literally. T-ball is funny. Just like any pee-wee sport all the kids chase the ball and half of the parents are standing on the field trying to keep the peace and some organization. Canyon has confused T-ball with soccer and tackle football both this season.
Sheridan and I stay home and make treats while canyon is at school. I know she is just the cutest girl but things have been a little more rough now that Canyon isn't home to blame things on.

This guy eats like a champ (maybe its all the rice krispie treats I'm eating). He may have started my smallest but he is quickly making up for it. At one month he was already 10-10. At that rate he will pass up his very big brother's growth rate very quickly. I love the little chubber.