Saturday, July 26, 2008

Skinny Chris

Above is Chris in January and below Chris now - 40 lbs. I think he looks great! Chris made his own diet plan and others in his family followed it and have lost weight too and everyone looks so good. It may not seem to obvious in these little pictures, but it's the same belt (it's reversible) and his collar went down from a 17 to a 15 1/2 (XLto Medium). What a handsome guy!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

fun filled week

What a fun week we had! Canyon is now four years old! I cannot believe how big he is! Grandma Betty came over to celebrate with us and Canyon got a bike, among other things. We took him a few times to look at the bikes and he didn't want the green one ,well the green one was the right price, so we got it for him and the first thing he said was "It's the exact same one as I wanted!" We were relieved. Three days later we celebrated the 4th! We had a church party at 7am, it was already too hot to be outside.

There we met Sheriff Joe Arpaio. And Chris sang a patriotic number in a quartet. That night we watched fireworks at fiesta mall (mcc show).
Sheridan was so funny. It would go like this F.W.: "Kaboom". Sher: "Yeah (Clapping). Thats funny, huhuhuhuh". Also on the 4th (I had been sick the night before) Chris let me take it easy and I finally got to read Twilight, great book. On Saturday we went to the museum, the kids seemed to enjoy it. Canyon really liked climbing on the cars they had. Oh and another thing, I totally believe in miracles, our car didn't pass emissions, the engine light was on and we had to have something replaced (which we so can't afford) and they told us we have to get the codes cleared from our car for it to pass, even after it was fixed. Well the engine light went off (w/o fixing), so we were still suppsed to get the codes removed, but Chris decided just to go to the inspection place and it passed! hallelujah! Miracle! What a totally great week! Oh and the bald baby days are so over.