Wednesday, October 29, 2008

which twilighter are you?

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!

So i'm back in az and wondering who wants to go see twilight? Does anyone want to go to the midnight show? amc mesa isn't sold out. I'm up for just about any time to see it and don't have to see it on opening day, but want to!! My phone is gone so if you want to contact me leave a message on this or email me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

just a few more hours!

More like 96 hours until Chris is finished with med school!!! hip hip hurray! We are so excited to be this far! We still have some time to go. Chris does interviews for residencies in Nov, Dec, and Jan. Then we find out where to in March and then it finally begins in July. So now we have to find jobs to fill up this no more student loans time. Let me tell you how much his M.D. is worth without a residency. -Absolutely Nothing- even though he is way more edumacated than an OB tech he doesn't have the certificate to go with it. So we will see what kind of temporary job he can get. Anybody need a cake decorator? Because that is about the extent of my skills. Maybe I'll start e-baying cards. But that would actually require me making them. Hm predicament. Well they always say everything will work out. I just pray it does sooner than later!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I just got picture mail on my phone. Didn't recognize the Colorado number, opened it anyway. So i get a picture of I LOVE DANA! Well Dana, if your out there, you are loved and I have the proof! So moral of the story is make sure you have the right number if you are professing your love to someone or sending embarrassing pics!

reunion .com

The shady people at had made a profile about me that had pictures! I mean hello I have a public blog that is easier to find on google than the reunion one. But I don't list my address on it! You have to call then to have them remove it! Go see if they have created a profile for you! Oh and their privacy policy is great! It tells you that they get info from public records and they only share with oh say ten other websites they listed! Nice.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

as if i don't have enough blogs to read

So I'm in Utah right now for two more weeks then we are back in AZ. I get so bored everyday! Chris drives the car to work and i stay home. This is good because Sheridan is being potty trained and it is only going so so. The more time at home, the better for her. Not so much for Me and Canyon! Today the lego star wars game stopped! What are we going to do? Run out and buy another used copy? I think so! I have the car for the next couple days because Chris is out trying to nab another deer! I've started my third book in the last week and a half!
I need some advice! What do I do in UT? (What did I used to do? I have no idea.) It's got to be cheap people.
I can't upload pics on this old school comp without an SD slot. I have taken some great ones of our trip to aspen grove with the Cox family and the kids playing outside on gorgeous autumn days.
Seriously, my friends aren't updating their blogs frequently enough (more than once a day) to satisfy my needs , so I started reading complete strangers blogs! As you can see to the left I added the Mormon mommy blog. Some of them are super fun and very relatable. So bored me will keep reading strangers blogs until I figure out what to do next. HELP!
P.S. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
P.P.S Happy Happy birthday Martha!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

top 8 tag

I got tagged by Tiffany

8 Favorite TV Shows...
• The Office
• Scrubs
• HGTV - just the channel in general
• What not to wear
• Heroes
• Sid the science kid
• Dirty Jobs
• Ace of cakes

8 Favorite Restaurants...
• Texas Roadhouse
• Red Robin
• El Salvador Kitchen
• Magelby's Fresh
• Mesa frozen yogurt
• Bajio
• Rocky Mountain Drive in
• Cafe Rio

8 Things that happened yesterday...
• played lego star wars with chris
• got chris a new suit
• was a hot lava monster to keep kids in dressing room while daddy shopped for suit
• made enchiladas for dinner
• laundry
• made a card for Martha - sorry, you wont get it on time!
• started reading Holes
• Ate a grilled cheese for lunch

8 Things to look forward to...
• Halloween chili and chowder party
• Oct 31, Chris is MD
• Sheridan being done with potty training
• Christmas
• family dinner on Sunday
• Vegas in November
• Thanksgiving - my fave
• the day we own a house

8 Things I love about fall...
• The leaves changing color
• The cooler air
• Halloween
• Thanksgiving
• Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, etc..
• Eating lots of soups and stews
• Apple season, fresh apple juice
• General Conference

8 Obsessions . Collections...
• Scrapbook paper
• Card making
• Reading
• Shoes
• being crafty
• shopping
• junk food
• cherry pepsi

8 Things on my wish list...
• new shoes
• travel to British isles
• A residency for Chris
• A house
• A happy healthy me
• More babies
• cricut
• endless supply of glue runners

8 People I am tagging...
• Martha
• Megyn
• Heather
• Skeeter
• Shana
• Analee
• Ashley
• Andrea

Sunday, October 12, 2008

free hand bags!

I got two invites this week to this awesome website that gives away free purses. You guys should check it out! have fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i can make a cake!

I felt I just needed to prove myself, I haven't really felt this way since high school. I am on some new meds, I think they are effecting my moods. Anyway just so you know that I can make a cake I'm posting the very first cake I ever did, and it will probably be similar to a future sheridan cake.
One I made in a cake class, I made every flower on that thing by hand, what a pain! and Kara's wedding cake.

birthday shinanigans

Some of you know I'm a cake decorator but please don't judge me. My water was shut off for maintenance and I only had an hour to do Sheridan's cake. So I went with the starfish as the care bear would have taken like two days. Sheridan made a haul,
all the gifts didn't make the photo. Sheridan was a a lovely little birthday princess. She loves to put on all her pretty new things and push her grocery cart around. Thank you to everyone who came over, it was fun.