Friday, August 1, 2008


I saw this on my friend Jaymie's page and thought it would be so fun!
1. Leave a comment on my blog of a favorite memory of you and I together. Whether we know each other a little or a lot, just anything you remember.

2. Then, do this same post on your blog and see the fun memories that people leave about you. If you leave a memory on my comments, I will go back to your blog and write a memory about you. Fun stuff!


The Frosts said...

I already wrote one on your last entry, but girl I could go on for days. J-k. Anyway, I love the times at girls camp when we would do pranks and me and Katie were always the ones to get in trouble, because you would run away and hide. OH, what fun!

Ryan and Martha Cox said...

scrapbook nights- talking about "suasaging into pants"-hair crisis's- talking about our smiler imaginations&being home alone!-watching you kids when we didn't even know each other!-to name a few! they're ALL fave memories!

Skeeter said...

My Memories of you are so many! My favorite one is of when Mom was still expecting you and I prayed, prayed, prayed to Heavenly Father "I want a sister I don't care what color of hair she has, I just want a sister." From day one you were mine, like a babydoll. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Jenn Allphin said...

My favorite memories with you are one being pregnant together and going to the Midwives (what were we thinking???). My wedding and you doing such an amazing cake that starting melting in the sun. Great picture of you and the dowels. And last but certainly not least when you were able to be with us at our sealing in the Manti Temple. Great memories. We love you and miss you!

Emily said...

Hmmm . . . where do I start? I have too many memories!

I do remember eating lunch at Burger King in Sint Maarten, when we were both pregnant, and HOT AS HELL in the scorching heat of June. We then went to the hospital for our "monthly" prenatal checkup and you found out you were having a girl. You walked out of the room and declared your baby's sex when I was getting my blood pressure taken.

Fun times! Both of us prego in the Caribbean, while our husbands attended med school.

Jeri said...

I have lots of favorite memories: meeting you for the first time in Yellowstone and thinking that your thong line showing above your little shorts were probably driving Chris crazy, buying snowman ornaments for your first tree and hoping you would like it (and you did), watching you grow with Canyon and then being so patient with the demanding little cuss (and bringing him to me to put him to sleep when you were at wits end), teaching you to re-manufacture clothes for Canyon from old shirts and things, your Strawberry Shortcake costume, the hours we spent together watching movies, TV or just hanging out, shopping for clothes for you, watching you sew Sheridan's blessing dress (that people thought you purchased somewhere exotic), talking about Jamie and Claire Fraser, and too many more memories to add to this already too long list. This makes me miss you even more!