Thursday, October 16, 2008

as if i don't have enough blogs to read

So I'm in Utah right now for two more weeks then we are back in AZ. I get so bored everyday! Chris drives the car to work and i stay home. This is good because Sheridan is being potty trained and it is only going so so. The more time at home, the better for her. Not so much for Me and Canyon! Today the lego star wars game stopped! What are we going to do? Run out and buy another used copy? I think so! I have the car for the next couple days because Chris is out trying to nab another deer! I've started my third book in the last week and a half!
I need some advice! What do I do in UT? (What did I used to do? I have no idea.) It's got to be cheap people.
I can't upload pics on this old school comp without an SD slot. I have taken some great ones of our trip to aspen grove with the Cox family and the kids playing outside on gorgeous autumn days.
Seriously, my friends aren't updating their blogs frequently enough (more than once a day) to satisfy my needs , so I started reading complete strangers blogs! As you can see to the left I added the Mormon mommy blog. Some of them are super fun and very relatable. So bored me will keep reading strangers blogs until I figure out what to do next. HELP!
P.S. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad
P.P.S Happy Happy birthday Martha!


Chapman Family said...

Things to do in Utah. . . humm sounds like a blog to me. I will come up with a list and post it on my blog. Utah has like a billion things to do for free!!!! I wish I was there then we could play. : )

Chapman Family said...

yeah, the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at BYU, they have all of these "stuffed" animals.

The Chamberlains said...

Lacy, just thought I would say Hi. I'm sorry you are so bored in Utah. I hope you find some things to do.

Susan said...

I totally understand you girl!! I live in the stinking small town of Safford and now that Julie is almost two, its hard to find things to do. SO much so that last week I was in tears trying to figure out what to do with her. I mean you can only go to the same park so many times!!!! Cant help you on the whole Utah thing, there has got to be stuff though with all the mormons there. Did you google it or google the city your in and find something? Sorry I cant help, but I just thought I would tell you I totally understand the frustration of not having anything to do Oh beautiful Mesa I cant wait for another 1 1/2 years until we go back!!!!!