Thursday, December 4, 2008

thanksgiving did happen

Yes the turkey comes to our house too. It's just taking me a week to be grateful enough for it I guess. Not really, Thanksgiving is my fave. And we had a super fun weekend with our AZ family. My sister came into town and the rest of us are here, and we all got stuffed. My parents made three turkeys for us too eat, ( my dad actually made like 8 or so for other people)
Busy folks! We had roasted, fried and smoked turkeys. Of course there was much of the other trimmings and mom's cream cheese pie (it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it). The kids had heaps of fun riding on the tractors and playing outside in the gorgeous weather. Later, even though we were still full, we went to my grandma's house and had another dinner. It was too good to pass up so we all crammed more food into our bulging bellies. Yummy! Grandma even had divinity, oh it was wonderful. Oh and I did have to remind Canyon it wasn't Halloween (and he isn't a three year old girl) hahaha! Oh, good times!


Skeeter said...

LOVE IT! Canyon in the carebear cstume!

Chapman Family said...

So, we have been wondering about a fried turkey. Is it really worth it? Which did you like the best?
Loving the costume btw!