Sunday, June 21, 2009

fat and lazy

I know I said I would blog more and so much fun is happening around here but really, I'm finally taking the time to be fat and lazy. Chris said it was ok that I finally do that. I'm too lazy to walk up the stairs right now and get the camera to upload pictures. I know where it is, I just don't want to go, I mean I already walked down them, and don't intend to do that again tonight.

The kids have been having fun playing with the neighbors. We live on culdesac and all the neighbors have kids and they come and knock on the door every night at dinner time; motivation for the kids to eat and then they get worn out before bed, it's wonderful! Running in the sprinkler and playing on the new swingset are also providing good times right now.

Which brings up my fun (Chris finds most of it). Everyone has garage sales here. Every weekend right now, before it gets too humid and gross. We also love craigslist, what people can't sale on Saturday ends up listed on Sunday or Monday!! But by spending around $150 we have gotten, a bench freezer, lawn mower, large wood swingset (free), wooden porch swing, wing back chair, end table (free), lamps (free), toy box, house phones, nightstand, twin bed, free weights (free), bookshelf, and a grill (free). There is probably more, but my pregnant brain cannot wrap it's mind around it right now. Some of the free stuff comes from when you hit up the garage sales as they are putting it all away around noon. The grill we passed with a "free" sign on it on our way to a garage sale, where we got the twin bed. The swingset came from a neighbor who helped us unload the freezer and said, "Oh I was going to post my swingset on craigslist tomorrow, you want it?" Rhetorical question. Who doesn't want a free swingset?

Anyway, I'm just hoping the baby comes soon, my body is done, even if I'm still freaking out about three kids (aaagh). I think I'm getting a cold or maybe allergies, and I'm hoping that one good sneeze will come along a break my water. But it will probably be much farther after my due date of July 1st that I finally post what I had. Well here comes a good contraction, hope for me!


Ryan and Martha Cox said...

try swinging on the singset, i heard that can put u into labor! i miss u guys! good luck going from 2 to 3! u can do it!

Rita said...

I can't believe you are almost due! I am excited for you guys and am glad you're liking your new place. I enjoy craigslist too but have not had the luck you have had. Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see upcoming pics of your baby!