Friday, July 31, 2009

the first month

week one.
everything is great, Chris has to work for the first couple of days but amazing church sisters take care of Canyon and Sheridan. Canyon turns 5! He is so big. Chris takes the kids to fireworks show and the 4th of July happens. The Hospital gives Chris a week for paternity leave. No big adventures or surprises, I'm on the mend.

week two.
Gramma J comes to town and takes care of everything. I mean really, plants flowers, paints bedrooms, makes quilts, does laundry. The woman is absolutely amazing. We find things like "oops" paint at home depot and Lowe's for $5 a gallon and have two bathrooms and the kids rooms painted. And we re-floor one bathroom, I love peel and stick vinyl, so great! So I'm healing just fine. Colter has already gained a pound and a half. Chris is also working very hard on the house and kids are loving that grandma is here. They all go to the amazing free zoo together and have a blast.

week three.
G-ma is still here; great! Still taking care of me and the kids. Canyon starts KINDERGARTEN. Oh yeah, the big K. I can't believe I'm old enough to have a kid in school. It weirds me out. First day of school Colter gets a fever. Bad news. New infants get admitted immediately into hospital for 24-48 hrs. They get blood cultures, urinalysis, and spinal tap automatically. So we spend 24 hrs in a hospital, all tests come back normal. Doc says it's a virus, you can go home. Sheridan gets a fever. She gets Tylenol and gets over it within a day too. Chris is back too work and I'm doing fine too.

week four.
Canyon seems to be enjoying school, Sheridan is trying to adjust to a new way of life around the house. Grandma went home. I get a fever, well I must have finally got what the other two had. Next day I can't get out of bed, not just a fever, must be the flu, ugh. Time passes on and week 5 is quickly approaching and I still has a fever, and other various flu symptoms, but its never lasted this long. Chris wants me to get better, he hates taking care of everything and me all at once. Finally Colter is exactly one month old and I'm going to the doctor. Not a flu, kidney infection, go the the ER. I'm dehydrated and they keep sticking me with needles to find a vein. They take my blood give me anti-nausea meds, antibiotics and lots of fluids. Now I can go home and get better. Wait, hold the phone! Doc calls, all my blood cultures come back positive. So now I sit at this computer with a full blown E-coli infection of the blood, hypothermia is a symptom of being septic, that's what they call it when you have dirty blood. So I'm sitting at a nice 95 F . I'm actually getting better, hypo is better than a fever so they assume my antibiotics are treating and beating it.

Needless to say it has been a full month. And hopefully you'll forgive me for not posting sooner.


Ryan and Martha Cox said...

oh my goodness lace! way to hang in there! I miss u guys so much- so find a reason for us to visit, and we'll be there! did u hear the chapmans left yesterday- the trio is no more...just us! colter is so cute,i can't belive how big sher bear is! Ry misses he too! canyon is awesome- school already huh? tough break, lol!

Lyle and Jaime said...

When it rains it poors!! Moms can never get sick can they! I'm glad to hear they figured it all out and that you're on the mend. Everything seems to go great when moms and mom in laws are there to help and then they go home and it gets bad. Or at least that's how it is for me! Keep getting better!

Urban Domestics said...

What a horrible month and I went home too soon. Sorry about the blessing outfit, I didn't help much there. But, at least Colter has a cute outfit to wear sometime in the future. Love all of you and miss you!

Karabear said...

I'm kind of sad that I had to hear about all of this after the fact! I'll come out there soon. I miss you guys so much! The kids are so bad. You better get better soon! Love you!

Karabear said...

Wow... so reading the comment above I just realized that I just said that the kids are so bad... ummm... I didn't mean that. Your kids are GREAT. And they are so BIG and I miss them so BAD. Hahaha.

Emily said...

This is awful! Glad to hear things are getting better! I'm only four hours away you know . . . we could figure something out if this happens again! (HOPEFULLY IT WON'T!)

We're headed to Rochester, NY next Saturday for OBGYN, then we come back to KC. The adventures never cease! :)