Monday, October 5, 2009

some serious crafting!

ok, this is the last four months of me squeezing in craft time. I didn't realize how much i have done and wish i could do so much more!

This free primed shelf from a yard sale turned into a shelf fit for a princess with a little paint and help from some cute kids. I got the princess from the dollar store and spray painted it and added a little glitter. gotta have some glitz!

horrible pic of the cute wood boxes i decoupaged with scrap paper for shers room

Craft time with the kids, this was so much fun. I am a huge fan of craft foam! A little goes a long way. we also made dracula, caramel apples, ghosts, and candy corn from foam. Fun!

some paper crafting

a few before and after crafts. ugly tray had huge paper sunflower picture. now a lovely green with filigree stencil i made by printing an image, tracing it. and adding a little extra.

plaque was cute before but didn't match decor. so i painted it.

table was free and ugly yellow at a yard sale but with some paint stripper, black spray paint and new hardware it is wonderful.


Karabear said...

Gah... I feel so uncrafty! Everything is adorable, of course. Love you guys! And I MISS YOU.

Skeeter said...

You rock! I need to start yard / garage saling>>> those are great ideas. I love the Love is spoken here... that is awesome!