Tuesday, December 8, 2009

yes, yes it has been two months

So much is going on. Everyone wants Martha to come to their house for Thanksgiving. Well folks, I got her! ha ha! T-day is my fave, the Cox's came to town and we were in heaven! We barely saw the kids the whole weekend (unless someone was screaming or pooping) Martha and I got to see New Moon! Uh I know some may be underage but half dressed guys dripping in the rain is my kind of fun! yum! pasty guys that sparkle not so much. i liked the movie. the food, the games, even chris was loving life with the weekend off and ry-guy in town. We even took a trip to the zoo because the weather was so gorg! Oh it was an awesome staycation for us and I'm so glad we had our wonderful visitors. Then our friends had a little incident on the way home and well I'll just say I hear Ryan looks good in orange.

Then my mom came to town and it was good. Sometimes a girl just needs her mom. We had a pretty low key time, shopping (what else), talking, crafting, she even got some playstation time in with Canyon. I was so glad to see her come and so sad to see her go.

Chris is loving work, and somehow managed to get T-day and Christmas off in the same year. Don't get me wrong he will be working 30+ hr shifts before and after C-day but we are excited to have him whenever we can.

Canyon is growing and learning and loving grade K. He is becoming more and more sarcastic, which is funny and he loves loves loves his little bro.

Sher is three. ugh. this so far has been my least favorite age, inquisitive little buggers that just wont let things go and the fits, wow! but she still is really sweet at times and always tell me she loves me, then lists all the other people she loves. The poor girls did get bit by a dog this month.

Colter has all sorts of new tricks. he rolls, he eats his toes, he eats food, he reaches. The chubber bubber is just a happy guy for me but he is pretty whiny for Chris. Kind of sucks when mom needs to get away.

That is a quick recap of things past and now I need to overload this thing with pictures, can someone please teach me how to do those 4square ones. Halloween happened too, yes I know it has been forever, and we got our Christmas tree last night, and now my house smells wonderful and piny. mmm.


Mark & Talara Allphin Family said...

Very fun Lacy! To do more with your pictures Picasa works great! We miss you all and we can't wait until we can meet the new chubby one. Love ya!

Rita said...

You guys sound great. Your kids are all so cute and getting so big! Thanks for the update. When are you coming into town again, we need to get together when you do.

Melanie said...

I can't believe how huge your baby is already!! Merry Christmas to you guys. I hope it is great!