Tuesday, April 13, 2010

blog frog? what is it?

ok, i just joined blog frog as part of the spring fling going on and i don't really know what it is, i mean i already have new followers (awesome and thanks)  but can someone tell me what i'm supposed to do and what the point is?
oh and i updated lacycakes with more new projects. check sidebar for link.

now for important stuff. colter is getting a tooth! he is also starting to lose some of the chubkins-ness. NO! I want him to be my fat baby forever. he just wants to be one of the big kids though.  and the big kids are busy, easter was fun! the bunny hopped through our very own back yard for the first time, and what a beautiful spring filled backyard we have. It's fun!


Jenn Allphin said...

Blog Frog can tell you who is in your community, and also has widgets to put on your blog to see who has visited you. I have one on my blog.

Urban Domestics said...

When did Colter start standing?He is supposed to stay a baby for at least another 2-3 months and he's starting to look like a little boy!

Skeeter said...

I miss you! Your kids are so cute!!! They are getting sooo big! They aren't going to remember me :'(
I love you!!!

p.s. gorgeous back yard!!!