Monday, June 23, 2008

camera found!

So I found my camera and thought I would do some catching up on my posts, this might be kind of long. First we were in UT in the middle of may, Aunt Talara busted out the water toys and the Allphin cuosins got to slip and slide and swim/ get eaten by the frog pool. Then back in CO for memorial day it was very cold and wet but we decided to brave the elements and had a hot dog roast and made smores. We were all dripping on the way home. But we had so much fun with the Chapmans and Coxs, it was very memorable. Then we loaded up the Penske, Chris was truly amazing loading that beast, and came to scorching AZ where the kids got re-acquainted with their Rucker cousins Dezi, Jeryn and Simeon (Roenen too and met baby Carter). It has been great to be close to the fam again.


Ryan and Martha Cox said...

yeah! i'm so glad you're alive! i love the pics and your new page design! i miss you guys so much- i keep seeing people that look like you and -sigh- j/k i will survive! we need to plan a trip sometime so i have a time line i can look forward to! :)

JER & SKEE said...

YEA!!! I always freak when I cannot find the camera. CUTE PICS!!! Love the frog!!!

Susan said...

Lacy, where in the valley do you live? Oh, and ya we are totally having twins and we are totally shocked about it. I think it will be so cool to have them but I'm a little nervous for the first year!!!