Sunday, February 8, 2009

simple pleasures

Well I'm still alive for anyone who cared. I can't believe it's been a month since I updated. Sometimes I think of it but my moments for me are fewer and I hold them precious. Blogging takes too much time and I'm so far behind I feel guilty. I realized I never even posted Christmas pictures and Chris had a birthday. We sang in church, I barely had a voice and you could barely hear me so as far as anyone knows I sang wonderfully. Immediately after I really could not speak, I could only hack and sniffle. Chris really did do well. Well let's move on, what's new with us?
Canyon has learned something new almost everyday when I come home. He can now tie his shoes and tell the time (even like 2:55, that is tricky). He amazes me every day and he could school us all in Lego Batman for ps2.
Sheridan is much better, we all ended up doing a round of antibiotics to get over what we had. She is still sassy as can be. The other day Chris asked her if she was a pretty girl. "NO PRETTY GIRL DADDY, I'M A PRINCESS". Wow, is all I can say about her. She still has everyone fooled though, thinking she's all sweet and what not.
Chris is loving being Mr. Mom. Loving it!! He has a routine and if I mess it up on my day off he gets annoyed. He seriously told me "to get out of [his] kitchen" recently. It's great but I do feel a little useless at times.
I'm now a pastry cook. I haven't started the 4am shift yet it's been 6 or 7 but tomorrow it's 5am and then I think next week I'm going in at four. I'm tired. Our new bishop even asked someone if I was doing ok and told them to find out if they could do anything for me. I'm sure that is because he only see's me on sunday while I'm thinking "would someone please teach these hellians how to behave". So I'm good, just exhausted. We all went to our pre-opening of the reastaurant I work in and people around us commented on how well behaved our children were. WHAT?!!! Yes, seriously, they were actually amazing and sat still with their napkins in their lap and ate their food.
So as for the title of this post, I now do have fewer moments for me and find pleasure in the little things in life. Such as grapefruit with sugar, it makes me happy. I also got to make a skirt for Sher, maybe for Easter. So far ahead you say! I'm so on the ball! RIGHT. I bought the fabric last March, for Easter 08'. So really it's year late, but I still love it and I have never done pleats, they aren't perfect but I like 'em anyway.

For any of you who haven't heard My little Sis is going to be our first missionary. I have no idea how our mother will deal. She is going to Knoxville, TN. I'm so excited for her and Canyon has added her to his nightly prayers. (along with me having a good pregnantly ,yes, tly and daddy getting a residency). Oh I love my family. I love them even when my back kills and they want to climb on me. I've figured one of the best ways to entertain them is to take them to the hot tub, pain relief and fun!
So even if my day is totally lame I'm trying to take pleasure in the little things (like my little paycheck). Actually, I was so excited to pay tithing today, it's been forever since we had an increase and I was so happy to finally contribute, another pleasure! I'll try not to make it a month before I post again.


Karabear said...

Sooo adorable about Canyon. Congrats on the job, again! I'm so glad that you can get out and make Chris be a stay at home mom for awhile. Hang in there. And hey, I might just come out to help with the move... whenever it is!

Rita said...

It was good to hear what is going on with you! By the way that skirt is soo cute! You should teach me!

Emily said...

Welcome back Lacy! :) I love that Cris is Mr. MOM!

The Frosts said...

I'm glad you're alive. Sounds like your job is going pretty well. Cute skirt! That is crazy that Shandi is going on a mish. Tell her congrats.

Melanie said...

I am glad you are alive too! I am glad things are going well!! Keep up the good work!

Julie Williams said...

It was great to read your post! I love the skirt you made for Sheridan. Good luck with everything! Chris way to be Mr. Mom! Have you seen the movie?

Skeeter said...

i love ya sis!!! i will measure jeryn.. I love that skirt you made. Now i want grapefruit! I loved that growing up climbing the tree to get em. So much fun! MISS YOU!!! See you in 2 weeks! AHHHHH!!! i cannot wait to be there with most of my family!

Urban Domestics said...

Love your post! I love the skirt for Sheridan. I knew it would be cute! We miss you guys and can't wait to see you again. I'm trying to figure out when we can come see you.