Thursday, March 18, 2010

a few reasons..

I wanted to write a few resons why i love my children so i can look at this and remember it when they are driving me batty.
I love Canyon because...
He is such a kind big brother, especially to baby brother. He always helps when asked, even if he's grumbling. He teaches me new things all the time, like who Ashoka is. And he always makes sure someone is ok after they fall down, he is just a sweetheart. And he is tender hearted too. I love that he is trying so much to understand this world we live and asks thoughtful questions. He is also an observer of things, who knows what is going on in his bright little mind. Oh and his sprinkles (freckles).
I love Sheridan because...
She is so playful, she flips, leaps, dances, skips, runs and hardly ever walks. She actually gets me to skip with her in parking lots because who could resist such cheer. She is overflowing with it. She is also sassy as can be and quick witted. I love even her meanest face because her big gorgeous eyes are glaring at you through it. I love how she wants to be a grown up ariel when she grows up and wants to get married in a castle just like the one mommy got married in (temple).  That I can't get her to slow down on the learning front. she is looking out for baby brother too. And the fact that she is rarely shy.
I love Colter because.....
He is so happy. He loves to eat, when I put him in his high chair he kicks and says mmm mmm mmm very excitedly and I just laugh every time. he is a jumping bean, he loves to kick and bounce for long periods of time. I love his chub. I mean I would love him w/o it to but would I love him this much? ;-} And his expressive little face could tell tales with those bright blue eyes. And I love that he get's really excited when mom or dad walks in the room (but especially mom). And how he sucks on his bottom lip and looks like a cute old man.

There are countless reasons why I love Chris too but I will keep those for me, and I already made him a jar of a 100+ reason why I love you.
Remember the love, It's just like counting your blessings.

Oh Canyon just read this and started telling me why he loves me too. My heart is melting.

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Ashley Harris said...

That is too cute! What a sweet post Lacy!