Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy it's over

I'm glad V-day is over. Some years, I'm into it. Some not. So much pressure on one little day. Yeah, it's nice to get surprised with some romantic little treat, but isn't that nice any day of the year?  And the kids had so much candy yesterday I almost feel sick for them. I found wrappers everywhere this morning, not all empty mind you. I found chocolate kisses melted under Sher's pillow. Nice. I guess she forgot she was hiding them from me. Anyway, we are looking forward to March. We have G-ma and G-pa coming and they are watching our kids while Chris and I get away for the weekend (Best kind of house guest you can have right?)  We are going to a different state. To a resort, on the Hospital's tab!  woohoooooo!  Chris has a conference and asked if I really wanted to just hang out by myself during the day. I thought it was rhetorical at first. So when he asked again I had to answer with my own Q  & A.  Are there going to be kids tearing up the room and asking me every five minutes for something? No, I think I'll be great!!!! I'm so excited.

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