Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i think i'm back

 Well I'm trying to come back. One wrong button and my whole post was deleted, and of course before I could hit control z, it auto saved. argh. I usually like it but this has happened before, just not usually after I'm done typing and trying to add my craptastic photography. Lame. Well i'm not typing the whole thing over again. We are iced, sleeted, and snowed in right now. Yes, we've been having all of it. Sleet coming down sounds like rice krispies, in case you were wondering. We had very busy holidays just like everyone else and while I like the snow. I'm sick of snow days that my kid has to make up during the spring cycle break. They don't make them up for preschool, which I wouldn't mind, because I pay for that. whine, whine, whine. I know. But we have had a lot of fun in the snow. There have been snow balls, snow angels, snow men, snow caves, snow sledding, and even snow fortresses made of what else but snow bricks. We've enjoyed it.  I hope you all are have a wonderful new year so far and making the most of it. I'm trying to be more organized .Not really a resolution to say, just something I decided I need, to help fight off some of the chaos and crazy which is life. Well label maker here I come!


Jenn Allphin said...

Yay! So glad to see an entry! I have been wondering how you guys have been. Miss you lots! Love you guys...enjoy the snow for me.

Rita said...

I need to be more organized too! It's so hard with kids! A label maker would be fantastic. You're kids are getting so big, and cute as always.