Saturday, September 20, 2008

oh bla di, oh bla da

Nothing fun has happened in this Allphin house. I decided I would change my blog for the season, I do love Autumn, even though it doesn't really happen here in the valley of the sun. I'm now a Young Women's advisor, I really like it so far. I've been able to make some cards recently which I love doing.
Chris has to go to Utah for 4 weeks, because his last (that's right, very last!) rotation here fell through. So I could be going with him, it's still under review. He golfs once a week, usually with Canyon. I'm so glad he is Canyon's best friend.
All Canyon can talk about is star wars and which character he will be for Halloween. If any of you knew of his fascination with transformers, triple that for his star wars obsession. My brother Brice gave us his old PS2 console and the Star Wars Lego games, they are super fun, it is all the boy wants to do. Canyon has to do things (chores, eat all dinner, etc..) to earn time for video games, and he's already figured it out, he gets dressed, makes his bed, picks up his toys first thing in the morning, then comes to me to ask if he can play star wars. At the time I'm still not dressed and eating my cheerios. The boy is in in love!!!
Sheridan is potty training and it's going alright now. She will be 2 on Monday, I just can't believe it. She is still sass mcfrass. I'm excited for her birthday though, I still don't know what I'm going to do for her cake, it alternates between share-bear (carebear) and a starfish. I guess you'll see pics next week or so to find out. Hope all is well for everybody.


Jeri said...

Yeah, Chris is coming to Utah for his last rotation, which means that Lacy and the kids are coming too! We miss you all so much and can't wait to see you again.
Canyon and Madi ought to get along pretty well, because she is also a Star Wars nut who has managed to infect her cousins just a bit. It will be so much fun.

Ryan and Martha Cox said...

Yeah! We are so excited to see you guys! Please tell the folks about us coming- don't need the awkwardness! lol! I can't wait- the kids are counting down too!

Karabear said...

I think that mom understated Madi's passion for Star Wars. We can thank Lego Star Wars for her too. Oh, and Carter is a whiz too. All I heard while I was there was how Carter is Luke (or Han soLO -I emphasized the LO on purpose, you have to hear Carter say it) and that Madi is Princess Leah. And if she gets an audience to watch her play then she will sit and jabber about it for hours. Well... I'm looking forward to seeing you! I do think that I'm going to come for Halloween! YAY! Love you!

Chapman Family said...

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!! I hear you guys get to have a fun reunion with the Cox fam in Utah. To bad we can't all get together! HOWEVER IF THE London thing falls threw then in Jan we are headed to Utah so maybe one of these days we can play again.
Oh and you better post pictures of that cake, ASAP!!! : )