Monday, September 8, 2008

a saturday at the allphins

Every Saturday morning chris plays basketball at 7am. This saturday the kids woke us up before then and we all played and snuggled in bed. I stayed in bed a few extra minutes after everyone else got up until Canyon came to me and said "Mommy, Sheridan is in trouble" (this is his way of telling on Sheridan). Then as fast as Micheal Phelps beat the Serbian, I was running and saying "oh my gosh it smells like nail polish". Sheridan had dumped out three bottles of nail polish, and it was only 7:15! What a start to my day! I got 95% of it off my floor, burning lungs, and a very flammable headache from the polish remover fumes. Chris walked through the door, and shouted "who's playing with nail polish", our whole house reeked! Any ideas how to get the last 5% off my vynil flooring? Oh and believe me I'm thankful it wasn't on the carpet! Then we had to go to Costco, uneventful thankfully. I went to the eye doc in search of new glasses to replace the ones Sheridan mangled. Watched the last bit of the BYU game, way to block that kick! Then we went over to Uncle Terry's again for some swimming and food! What fun! Anna, Christie and Amanda (Terry and Lisa's girls) were there and my kids just love them! We even tried out the Kareoke/theatre room at the end of the night. He has a huge selection and I got to even try out my new found love of ABBA. So while my saturday started out insane, the house was finally aired out by saturday night, and it ended very well.


Jeri said...

I'm jealous! I want to play with Canyon, Sheridan, Anna, Christie, and Amanda too!

In fact, we're trying to figure out when and how we can come play with all of you. We MISS you.

Skeeter said...

I LOVE IT!!! I AM SO NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Wish I could help on the other 5%.

Ryan and Martha Cox said...

man connor did that too with orange nail polish when he was 2! have you tried magic eraser too? i miss you guys! your hair is getting long! (from your other post) how steller is it to have family that close to do fun things with? karaoke?! rock on! seriously need to go to your uncle's house!

ShanaMarie said...

That totally brings back memories, I know she won't like me tell everyone this...But when Emalee was in her terrible in to everything 2's she found my pink and purple nail polish. She decided to paint a certain area that we will keep "private" and when I asked her why she said she wanted it to be pretty. So I quick called my mom to ask what to do and my dad answered the phone said she wasn't there and could he help I started to tell him and all he could say back to me was "your mom will be home in an hour" lol kids got to love them!!!