Saturday, November 8, 2008


While we were in Utah Aunt Kara taught Canyon how to ride a horse. He got to ride two different horses; Heartbreaker and Kara's horse Red who is huge. When Canyon first got on, he was a bit nervous and shaky, but Kara is a very good instructor, soon she had him turning circles in the saddle. Heartbreaker is a considerably smaller horse and Canyon was a bit nervous about getting on Red after her but when it was all said and done he liked big Red much better. I even rode the ginormous horse and she was really sweet. When I asked Canyon what he thought about riding aunt karas horse he said "It was awesome, but I only want to ride Red next time not heartbreaker". I guess it's a boy thing, the bigger the better. Sheridan had a lot of fun getting dirty and eating dirt while we were there, I don't think about what was in the dirt, just that she had fun. Just to tell a little of how sassy Sher-bear is whenever we tell her don't eat that, it's yucky, she then takes a handful of whatever it is, looks us in the eye, shoves it in her mouth and tells us Mmm, Nummy. You know and I know a handful of dirt couldn't be nummy, but she is just so belligerent, she goes to extremes to make her point. I'm so glad Canyon got to have this experience, it totally beats lame-o pony rides at carnivals.

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Karabear said...

It was so fun! Canyon was really great once he loosened up a bit, but I will never forget the look he gave me when I asked him to take his hands off of the saddle horn and put them on his head. He was NOT going there with me. Hehehe. Until the end of course.