Friday, May 21, 2010

secret hideout

Colter has taken his first steps i just have to figure out how to put a video on here.
Sheridan is always in a "secret hiding place" that I set up for her. The dumb thing is that i forget and end up looking for her everywhere and get all nervous and think she ran away, but really she just under the coffee table that has blanket hung over it. She has also mastered rolling her eyes. Hard to stay in the stern tone when your 3 year old is rolling her eyes. (don't you roll your eyes at me young lady) teeheehee)
Canyon only has two weeks of kindergarten left. holy moly, time has flown.
My mom and dad are coming to visit after that. yeah!!!

Anyway I was thinking of hideouts (not just Sheridan's) because you know how easy it is to find people now-a-days. But then there are like the two people that you actually want to find forever, and you can find their siblings on facebook or a blog but you don't want to look like crazy stalker face and ask how they are. You know who I'm talking about, exes, old bff's you haven't seen since high school. I mean what if they died and that is why they still haven't joined the rest of us on the unholy Internet (thanks Brice). I've slowly found most of the people. But there have  been two or three that i wanted to find the most and will randomly google or search for on fb, and no luck.  They have managed to stay free from Internet searches. So today I found one. yeah! I lost touch about 9 years ago and found her today. Through a sibling on FB. Yeah! Anyway people, let me be a crazy stalker face (i just want to know if your ok) and come out of hiding.

Oh and it's been days since I've had any chocolate and a week since I've had a caffeinated soda. You didn't think I could do it? Did ya? Well I wasn't sure I could either.  I feel pretty good.


Cameron, Cassie & Lacey said...

Lacy! I have stalked people on facebook too. I am still looking for 2 people from high school. How old is Colter now? Did he walk early? Lacey walked at 14 months I think. Kinda late.

Lyndsay said...

Haha, the internet is great for curiosity such as that, when you finally find someone you have been looking for its kind of like finding a little gem.... haha I know Im lame! :)

alexis said...

ummm, thanks so much for putting my button in your sidebar, i am so very very flattered! and i can't believe that you've gone a week without soda...i'm going into withdrawals just thinking about it. i'm not sure what i would do without my friend diet pepsi. probably be really productive and have super healthy kidneys. but who knows. :)