Wednesday, August 25, 2010

summer is over

Ok, well summer ended in the middle of July for us. So it's been over for a while. The boy is on year round school schedule. We have had quite the time since my last horribly depressing post. June ended and not to soon. that month was awful but in came July. Chris had a very easy schedule and we got to go to the perfect place. Yellowstone. We found the kids namesakes and after we got home found out more about their names. John Colter was the first mountain man and first white guy to find Yellowstone. For a while it was referred to as "Colter's Hell". Philip Sheridan was an army general that had shady war tactics, but was one of the leaders in preserving out favorite place but his wife Irene Rucker (my maiden name, I can't find the relation) loved him. Then there is the grand Canyon of Yellowstone. 
Since then we've tried to recuperate from our vacation.  We were canning tomatoes from our garden all July and August. Thankfully that has slowed down a bit. Our garden has been great though.  I mean 6 foot tomato trees people. We have an abundance. And we are grateful.
I've been trying to fight my depression more than ever it seems. Even with it being easier around here, I'm still down. I'm not exactly sure why. I've been back on chocolate again, maybe that's why.
Oh and we've had some birthdays. Colt turned one. He's so big and he got his first haircut. Canyon is 6 now and is loving first grade. I just hit the big 2-8. I got a cricut and I'm so excited to use it. Sher took the scissors into her own hands, but it worked out because now she has a cute a-line bob. I've been trying to get some craft on so you can check my other blog soon. Crafting pulls me out of my crap-tastic-ness.  I think the cricut will be great for me.
Well I don't really want to write a novel, I'll leave that to the professionals. I just thought y'all should know I haven't been committed and things are better than they were two months ago. mostly.

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Rita said...

Glad July was better for ya Lacy. Happy Birthday again! Can't wait to see the craftiness!!!