Wednesday, May 14, 2008

3rd tags a charm

I got Tagged By Tiffany

1. The total number of movies I own:
Maybe 100

2. The last movie I bought:
101 dalmations, for the kids

3. The last movie I saw:
Baby Mama, so funny

4. Five movies that mean something to me:

1. Love Actually, I just love how it all works out
2. Lonesome Dove, Whenever I need a really good cry, i can turn to that one
3. Paint your wagon, my dad always sang "i was born under a wanderin star" growing up
4. The man from snowy river, watched it a lot growing up
5. Can't hardly wait - takes me back to the old school

i tag jenn, talara, crystal and andrea


Susan said...

Lacy!! I didnt know you had a blog. I checked Jaymies blog and found you. So, are you moving back to Mesa or where in AZ? Ya, AZ sucks during the summer, every summer I hate living here. We live 3 hours east of Mesa and I totally hate it and I'm jelous you get to go back and hang with family and friends. We still have 2 more years to go. We have been here for 2 and so it will be 4 years total. I guess you have been gone longer. Anyway, it was fun to find you!!!

Cassie and Cameron said...

Lacy! I still haven't had time to do the tag. I'm going to now that school's over. Did you read that I teach at Westwood, by the way. I love it. Go warriors! Hey, we might get together this weekend for breakfast because Muffy's in town. So email me if you're around.